Social Involvement

At Avec, we do business with our heart. With love and respect for people, animals and the environment. These values are anchored in our corporate policy.
We support a large number of charities and civic organisations through funding or active involvement.


Avec has joined the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI*). We also meet strict standards set by companies such as HEMA and Sedex. We aim to be a frontrunner in this respect. All of our products endure extensive testing, even if this is not legally required.

* BSCI is an industry-independent organisation that monitors and carries out research and inspections with regard to chain responsibility.

Willem II Involved

Ever since 1896 Willem II has been Tilburg's greatest football pride. As with Avec, social involvement is of high value to Willem II. A partnership with Willem II Involved was therefore a logical step to take. Since 2019, Avec has supported sustainable projects and activities focused on themes such as participation and health with the aim of positively influencing society and connecting people. Willem II Involved is there for everyone, young and old, in Tilburg and the surrounding area. Read more below about the projects we support together with Willem II Involved.