Avec was founded in 1995 as a wholesale distributor of creative and educational materials. Since then, the company has grown into a leading organisation with a staff of 50 professionals in branches in the Netherlands, UK and our purchase office in the Far East. The name Avec was originally an acronym for Alles Voor Educatie & Creativiteit (Everything for Education & Creativity).

Today, Avec stands for Partnership by Design. ‘Partnership’ because our products are designed to make life easier for the customer. We understand and respond to your needs effectively, quickly and in a hassle-free way. ‘Design’ refers to our ability to create products that are and will continue to be appropriate to your needs. Our products are unique, exclusive and are offered to our customers under private labels. We are also innovative. Each month, Avec introduces hundreds of new products onto the market. And we are fully committed to increasing our output!

Avec has a no-compromise objective. The design of our products allows us to compete effectively with top brands in the market, our pricing allows us to be competitive in all segments, and as a partner our ultimate goal is to take all the worries off our customers’ hands. We offer the best of both worlds so that you can confidently serve your customers’ needs with a continuous supply of new and attractive products.